Preparing for my journey


Foodstuffs - food:
  • The following are counted as liquids: products that are creamy, pasty or similar to liquids (e.g. cream pie, filled pastry, soft cheeses) and canned products (unless they contain no more than 100 ml and they are put into the plastic bag).
  • The following are not counted as liquids fruit (apples, oranges, pineapples, etc.). Exception: coconuts.

  • Medicines needed on board during the journey are allowed, even when the contents are greater than 100 ml. Obtain a prescription or a medical certificate beforehand (wherever possible).

Health and travel:

  • SAFETRAVEL, the website approved by the Federal Office of Public Health, a useful reference for vaccines and other health news (in French or German).


  • Only 1 transparent/resealable bag is allowed per person. Capacity of the bag: 1 litre.
  • No change for hold baggage.
  • No change for cabin items.

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