A Vision Embodied by Eight Values

Genève Aéroport intends to fulfil its objectives by respecting criteria expressed by eight values:

  1. QUALITY     


  3. ECOLOGY     

  4. DIVERSITY    

  5. WELL-BEING    

  6. CREATIVITY     

  7. PROXIMITY     


Five Strategic Objectives

  • 1. Platform operability

    In collaboration with its partners, Genève Aéroport optimises its processes and adapts its infrastructures in order to efficiently and effectively manage aircraft traffic as well as the flow of passengers and baggage. This approach is in line with legal and regulatory provisions, particularly with regard to safety, security and sustainable development.

  • 2. Customer satisfaction

    Genève Aéroport strives to improve platform users experience by ensuring the quality and diversity of its airline connections, its services and also by facilitating their accessibility. This objective relies on the implementation of adequate human, financial and technological resources.

  • 3. Economic sustainability

    In compliance with the requirements expressed by the authorities, Genève Aéroport consolidates and evolves its business model, values its know-how and its investments in order to bear the costs necessary for the continuation and development of its activities.

  • 4. Human resources and skills management

    At the crossroads of industrial, commercial and service activities, Genève Aéroport develops a policy of a responsible employer and corporate citizen and places the human resources at the core of its development.

  • 5. Affirmation of responsible identity

    Heir to a history, Genève Aéroport defends values that are assumed by all its employees and shares them with its partners and the public. At the same time, it implements them consistently in all its actions.

An Infrastructure at the Service
of a Region

Genève Aéroport has organised its operational activities around five strategic objectives and defined eight values that embody its identity. 

Every decision is made in the context of these objectives and with due respect of these values. They contribute to defining the framework of the considerations, projects, actions and expressions elaborated within the services, the departments and the directorates of Genève Aéroport.

Five Strategic Objectives

Five strategic objectives guide the activities of Genève Aéroport on a daily basis. Translated into performance indicators and target values, they feed an operational dashboard to constitute a management tool based on factual elements.

In the background, two general objectives frame all of these approaches: spirit of innovation and sustainable development.