a quality service serving the region and the country

The Geneva region is a leading economic, diplomatic, cultural and tourist attraction. Directly connected to more than 140 destinations, Genève Aéroport holds a strategic place at the heart of the European continent and within the economic fabric of Geneva itself.

Proximity to the airport and the quality of its service are key elements for business tourism and international Geneva. 3'000 multinational companies and 350 international and non-governmental organisations are established around Lake Geneva. Genève Aéroport performs more than 4'500 protocol receptions per year, one of the highest frequencies in the world.

significant socio-economic benefits

In addition to redistributing half of its profits each year to the State of Geneva, i.e. nearly 40 million Swiss francs per year, Genève Aéroport generates 4.1 billion CHF of added value to the region's economy:


Genève Aéroport plays an important role in the transport of goods. Local industries have opportunities to sell Swiss-made products in foreign markets, and traders can quickly and regularly import a wide range of products and raw materials from all over the world.


The total revenue generated by foreign tourists entering Switzerland via Genève Aéroport is estimated at more than 1.6 billion CHF, including 860 million outside the canton of Geneva. 


33,600 direct, indirect and induced jobs are generated by airport activities, including 11,000 on the site itself, distributed between the 200 companies within the airport.


Genève Aéroport's sponsorship policy is defined along three strategic axes: commercial sponsorship, local support and patronage. Each year, a sum of more than 900,000 Swiss Francs is distributed to more than 120 sports, cultural, social and environmental associations and organisations, which meet the distribution criteria in accordance with the values of the business.