For safety reasons, the following items may not be carried in hold or hand baggage:

  • camping gas and soda cartridges,
  • disabling devices such as pepper spray,
  • safety cases,
  • electric weapons such as Taser,
  • paint and paint thinner,
  • gasoline and alcohol exceeding 70%.
  • gel fuel for fondue machine,
  • fireworks,
  • household chemicals and poisons of all kinds,
  • jet-flame lighter or torch.

Prohibited in hold luggage and hand luggage: ...

Allowed under certain conditions in hold luggage: Fire arms and ammunition. Allowed in hold luggage and hand luggage: Electronic devices with batteries not exceeding 100 Wh.

Non-exhaustive list subject to the special conditions of the airlines.

The airlines and the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) are happy to provide additional information on request.

Hold baggage weight

The number of hold baggage allowed, their size and their weight, as well as the excess baggage rates vary from one airline to another.
Please contact the airline or check its website.


It is possible to send your excess baggages by airfreight directly from the terminal T1.

Example for 10 kg excess baggages to Tokyo:

  • App. 1'000 CHF at check-in desk as a carried luggage
  • App. 500 CHF by airfreight

For more information:
CGS desk (Check-in level 05:30-19:30)
+4122 717 85 79


To check in unusual luggage items, please first check in at the same counter as for normal luggage, and then go to counter number 100.

The maximum dimensions for unusual luggage items are: approx. 70 cm x 75 cm x 250 cm.

For more information, please contact directly the concerned airline.


For the transport of the bike (without the battery), please check the conditions for special luggage.

Cardboard boxes to pack cycles are for sale at the checking desk Swissport number 100  ( from 04:00 to 21:00 selling price 20 CHF each).  No tools are available. 

For the transport of the battery of the electric bicycle, it can cause sparks or a short-circuit. The regulations for the transport of batteries are very detailed and contain restrictions: see the page "Batteries, cells and electronic devices" on the FOCA website.

In general:

  • Checked baggage: no spare batteries allowed.
  • Hand luggage: spare batteries or rechargeable batteries, provided they do not exceed 100 Watt-hours (Wh) and comply with certain provisions.

This information is subject to the special provisions of the airline companies.

You can contact a forwarding agent to send a battery to its destination by a carrier.

For any question about the transport of bikes by plane (conditions, packaging, etc.), please contact directly to the concerned airline.


Any transportation of firearms and/or ammunition must be spontaneously announced by the passenger to the baggage check-in agent.

Transportation of firearms and/or ammunition is allowed only in checked and hold baggage. 

Each airline determines the procedures and specific measures related to the transportation of firearms and/or ammunition on board its aircraft. Baggage used to transport firearms and/or ammunition can, if necessary, require additional security and support measures. 

Genève Aéroport will charge an amount of 200 CHF for the treatment of baggage that require specific security measures. 

If the baggage referred to in the above procedure must be stored prior to departure of the flight because of the waiting time between the check-in time and the scheduled time of the flight, additional charges of 50 CHF will be collected by Genève Aéroport. 

For the transport of more than two firearms, the Security Department of Genève Aéroport should be contacted beforehand via our contact form to obtain a quote.

Any amount will be charged directly to the concerned passenger.

Payment is done either in cash (CHF), or by card (debit and credit). 

For more information, please contact your airline.


By buying counterfeits/pirated copies, you support criminal activities. You also risk putting your life and the lives of others in danger. The import of counterfeit branded items and articles protected by a design for private purposes in Switzerland is also prohibited.

The Customs Office may confiscate counterfeit property at the border, even if they are imported in small quantities only and for exclusively private use.

More informationFlyer Stop Piracy


If you have any food, animals or souvenirs, please take note of the regulations summarised here when you enter Switzerland. By following these rules, you will be helping to guard against animal diseases, to promote animal welfare and to protect endangered species of fauna and flora.

The essentials in brief:

  • It is forbidden to bring in any food of animal origin from countries outside the EU.
  • If you travel with a dog or cat, you need a microchip, a pet ID card, a rabies vaccination – and possibly also a blood test and a permit.
  • It is forbidden to bring in any souvenirs of endangered species of fauna and flora (ivory, furs, reptile leather etc.)

More information:


For baggage tracing, please contact directly the concerned handling company (Dnata or Swissport).

To find the handling agent for an airline, please see the contact fact-sheet for the airline concerned.


To make it easier to find a baggage cart when needed, they are being fitted with a coin deposit system that requires the insertion of a 2 CHF or 2 Euros coin (given back at the return of the trolley). A total of 83 stations are located around the airport.

The 1'400 Airport baggage carts can be used inside the terminal, the car parks or the Swiss Railways Geneva Airport station. They can also be taken on escalators.


Baggage lockers as well as a deposit counter are situated in the SBB/CFF train station at the airport next to the SBB/CFF ticket offices.

Animals transport

Conditions for the transport of animals in the cabin or in the hold vary from one airline to another. Please contact your airline or check its website.

Please note! A number of documents are mandatory when your animal travels by air from one country to another. Without these documents, your animal may be blocked by the veterinary service in the country of arrival.


Questions relating to documents and transport:

Genève Aéroport Animal Reception Centre www.avihandling.com or one of the following freight forwarders:

Question relating to vaccination, quarantine, etc.: contact the vet.