The public area of the airport, as well as the car parks are fully accessible to passengers in wheelchairs.

On the other hand, the access to the boarding gates is not always possible for of them, some are accessible only by stairs.


In each car park of the Genève Aéroport, there are places that are reserved exclusively for the disabled provided that you hold a disability card, for which the usual rate applies.

Some car parks are located far from Terminal 1. The pick-up from and the drop-off to your vehicle service by a GVAssistance agent is available only in these two car parks:

  • P1 long term: at about 50 meters from Terminal 1, 30 places reserved for level -1.
  • P20 French area: close to the sliding doors towards the Terminal on the French side, six places on the lower level.

In both car parks, there is a call point for the pick-up service.
If you are accompanied and if you wish to park your vehicle in the short-term car park, and provided that your attendant hold a disability card, we recommend for you:

  • P2 short-term: located in the arrival section near terminal, two reserved places.
  • Drop-off area: there is no access dedicated to people with reduced mobility nor parking at the check-in level.


If you need help to get on or off the train, please let us know in advance by calling the Handicap des Chemins de Fer Fédéraux (SBBat least one hour before your departure.

  • Handicap des Chemins de Fer Fédéraux SBB phone number from Switzerland: 0800 007 102 from 06:00 to 22:00.
  • From abroad: + 41 (0) 51 225 78 44

Upon arrival at the SBB Railway Station Genève-Aéroport, if you have notified SBB of your situation, you will be directed by a SBB agent to the GVAssistance welcome area on the check-in level.

When you leave the Geneva airport and when you are assisted by GVAssistance, you will be accompanied by an agent to the SBB Railway station Genève-Aéroport.


The drop-off and pick-up area from the TPG buses is located on the check-in level in front the SSB Railway station. A call point is at your disposal in front of the SBB railway station. Tactile-visual guidelines facilitate the journey from the TPG bus stops to the reception area of the GVAssistance.


Taxis take you directly in front of the departure check-in level, or await for you outside the departure hall.