The A-CDM concept aims at optimising airport operations and ensuring a smooth traffic flow, both in normal and adverse conditions.

The concept calls for and relies on real-time sharing of accurate and reliable information in order to allow the partners to take the most appropriate decisions.

Once fully integrated within the European Network, Geneva Airport will benefit from:

  • Improved anticipation of optimised use of ATC capacities
  • Information related to flights in general and specifically in adverse weather conditions
  • Increased punctuality
  • Improved ground traffic flows
  • Improved turn-around process
  • Decreased holding time at runway threshold
  • Lower fuel consumption as well as emissions (CO2 and noise)


Since the 16th of March 2016, Geneva Airport is “full A-CDM”, i.e. connected to the European air traffic network via the Eurocontrol NMOC (Network Manager Operations Centre – formerly CFMU – Central Flow Management Unit).

The A-CDM data (mainly the TTOT – Target Take-Off Times) are communicated to Eurocontrol NMOC (and to the other A-CDM airports) using the DPI messages (Departure Planning Information), processed to manage all the IFR departing from Geneva.


Should you need further information Or extranet access, feel free to address your questions to the following email address: cdm[a]gva.ch