The public area of the airport, as well as the car parks are fully accessible to passengers in wheelchairs.

On the other hand, the access to the boarding gates is not always possible for of them, some are accessible only by stairs.


The pick-up by GVAssistance does not guarantee your departure if you don't arrive at the airport at the time indicated by the airline company or the travel agency.

If no time is indicated, you must be at the airport no later than:

  • Two hours before the published flight departure time, at the check-in counters or at a reception terminal, which is located at P1, P20, at the TPG stop.
  • One hour before the published flight departure time, in the GVAssistance reception area, once the check-in procedure is completed.

In the event of a late arrival at the airport, acceptance lies only with the airline company!

If you were not able to inform your airline company or your travel agency in due time, GVAssistance will make all efforts to ensure your access to the aircraft on time, but no guarantees can be provided.

Check-in procedures

You have to go personally to the check-in counter of your airline company to complete the check-in procedures. The check-in agents will inform you of the time of your pick-up from the reception area.

Check-in formalities for all flights must be done at Terminal 1.

Ask for help at one of the call points. You will be picked-up by GVAssistance who will then assist you in completing the check-in procedure and will accompany you to your plane (no later than two hours before).

Security point

All passengers must pass a security check before departure. Wheelchair passengers who are unable to stand up at the control point will be subject to a manual control, in a cabin if they so desire.

If you are carrying medicaments (aerosol pumps, syringes, etc.) or if you are fit with a prosthesis, keep a medical certificate with you. If you have a pacemaker, please inform the security screening staff.

With regard to electric wheelchairs, the battery must be separated from the motor. You will need to help the GVAssistance agent to separate the battery and prepare the wheelchair for loading onto the aircraft.


This service, offered free and without any obligations, is provided subject to the availability of the GVAssistance agent.

GVAssistance will gladly accompany you to the lounge, time permitting, and if you have access, provided you have notified GVAssistance 90 minutes before the time of departure, once the check-in procedures are carried out.


If you want to visit a restaurant, notify the GVAssistance agent who will assist you with this. They will take you to the nearest restaurants time permitting before the departure of the flight. Once you are finished, they will pick-you up at the time and place agreed.

If you want to go shopping, the GVAssistance personnel will not be able to assist you. It is recommended that you shop with the person with whom you are travelling.


If you need assistance when returning, meaning landing in Geneva, same as with your departure, please notify this to your airline company or your travel agency when booking your ticket or at least 48 hours in advance.

Once you have landed in Geneva, GVAssistance will pick you up either from your seat in the aircraft, either at the door of the aircraft, according to your needs.

You should not disembark with all the other passengers. You have to wait in the aircraft to be picked up by a GVAssistance agent. If you voluntarily leave the aircraft, the service cannot be performed correctly. GVAssistance will accompany you to the arrival hall and will help you retrieve your baggage.

Alternatively, you can be accompanied by up to:

  • your car when it is parked on P1 or P20 (France sector),
  • a taxi
  • the SBB station Genève-Aéroport,
  • the car rental company.