I have lost or forgotten something, whom should I contact?

The procedures are different depending on where the item was lost.

In the plane 
Contact the "Lost & found" service of your handling company. To know the handling company for each airline, please consult the list of airlines.

In the transit area
Between departure (after the security control) and arrival (before the custom), at a security control.

Inside or outside the airport (public area)
Report the loss to the Police or to Geneva City Lost Property Service:

  • Police: +4122 427 57 90 (from 07:00 to 19:00). The Police keep lost property items for 24 hours (48 hours at weekends) and are not authorised to return items (except in an emergency).
  • Cantonal Lost Property Service (SCOTEGM): +4122 427 90 00 scot@police.ge.ch. Lost property may be reclaimed at SCOTEGM counter (rue des Glacis-de-Rive 5 at Genève).

In the train station or in a train from the Swiss network

In Geneva-city