Free WiFi GVA

Free WiFi at Geneva airport!

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3 ways to connect to GVA Free WiFi

 Authentication by SMS

  • You receive a code by SMS free of charge. Simply enter your phone number in the interface displayed in the browser (no commercial use of the telephone number provided).

 Boarding pass authentication

  • Boarding pass scan to obtain an access code.
  • Several self-service counters are available in the terminal:
    - Departure level, before the security check, near the BCGE ATM
    - Departure level, after the security check, near the information desk in the transit area
    - Departure level, after the security check, near the Boarding Gates “C”
    - Departure level, after the security and the passport control, near the stairs to satellite 30
    - Check-in level, French sector, just after the security check
    - Departure level, after te security control, between satellite 10 and 20
    - Arrival level, public area, next to the Visitors Center (business corner)

 Authentication by passport/identity card

  • You can get an access code on presentation of an identity document at the Visitors Centre (arrivals level).


Why identify yourself?

The federal law of 18 March 2016 on the surveillance of correspondence by post and telecommunications (LSCPT; RS 780.1, Art. 19, para. 2, OSCPT) requires the identification of the user of a Free WiFi service: this is why an authentication must be done to be able to connect to the free network "Free_WiFi_GVA". The connection will allow you to reconnect automatically the next time you come: the code obtained by SMS is valid for 6 months.

In collaboration with Monzoon, which is responsible for operating the service.


0800 666 966 Swiss Hotline. Toll-free call