Working on the airport site

  • General purchasing rules and principles

    Genève Aéroport attaches permanent importance to the respect of its purchasing policy and principles as well as its code of ethics.

    If you are or would like to become a Genève Aéroport supplier, you will find all the information you need on our dedicated pages: General purchasing rules and principles and Supplier compliance.

  • Calls for tenders

    Genève Aéroport is a company governed by public law and subject to public procurement regulations.

    If you wish to consult the calls for tenders or the conditions related to the tendering procedures, you will find all the information on our page dedicated to the subject Calls for tenders.

  • Supplier details

    Any company providing services to Genève Aéroport must be registered in the Genève Aéroport supplier database in order to be able to remunerate the latter for services rendered. You will find all the information on this subject on our dedicated Supplier compliance page.

  • Constructions: obligation to report obstacles

    All applications for the construction of buildings, installations of a certain height (antenna, tower, crane, cable transport installation, power line, etc.), planting of vegetation and reforestation must be submitted to Genève Aéroport for approval.

    You will find the steps to follow and the safety zones plan on our page dedicated to the Obstacles to air navigation.

  • Airport identity card & authorisation to drive on the runways

    In order to evolve and access areas related to their professional activities, all employees (including service providers) working for Genève Aéroport must benefit from a personal airport identity card (CIA). Vehicles must also obtain an authorisation to travel within the airport.

Extranet information

  • Extranet site of the airport

    Genève Aéroport provides active partners on the airport site with an extranet site that allows them to access various information related to the following topics:

    • Communication and information: press releases, institutional information, platform news, seasonal information for Genève Aéroport users and partners, etc.

    • Infrastructure: future projects, current achievements, requests for works, urgent intervention or troubleshooting requests, IT services, technical guidelines, specifications, energy, etc.

    • Safety Health Environnement: safety information and reminders on the platform, “Jet et Fodie”, current standards, Safety reports, environment, etc.

    • Operations: airport operations, operating procedures, important operational contacts, documentation of the Genève Aéroport Emergency Plan (PUR-GA).

    • Security: security awareness, incident reports, support requests, projects, standards, contact, etc.

    • Training: Apron permit, Runway Permit, RT Mechanics Certification, Fire Course, etc.

    • Airport life: airport events, staff mobility, promotional offers and discounts for employees, restaurant menus, sponsorship, etc.

     Access myGVAextranet (login required, site only in French)

  • Apron driving licence

    For safety reasons related to airport operations and to be allowed to drive a vehicle on the apron without being conveyed, all drivers must hold an Apron licence issued by Genève Aéroport.
    You will find more information (target audience, conditions, registration, etc.) on our extranet site (login required, site only in French).