Ongoing dialogue

Genève Aéroport maintains a continuous and ongoing dialogue with its employees, its main partners, the authorities, and representatives of civil and economic society through various commissions, works councils, working groups, information and discussion sessions. Surveys and polls are carried out periodically to measure the level of satisfaction of airport employees and users. All these discussions provide a better understanding of the expectations and concerns at Genève Aéroport. They promote the search for balanced solutions. For many years, the richness of the dialogue has been based on the diversity of the parties involved as well as on the numerous publications from Genève Aéroport.

Advisory committee

Established in June 1993 under the cantonal law on Geneva International Airport, the Advisory Committee for action to control air traffic disturbance (CCLNTA) allows for the exchange of information between Genève Aéroport, neighbouring municipalities, local residents and environmental protection groups as well as airlines. The committee examines the objectives and measures implemented by Genève Aéroport within its environmental management system (EMS). It also gives advance notice of the use of the environment fund that finances these measures. The minutes of CCLNTA sessions are open to the public.

Members of the committee are appointed by the Council of State for a period of five years. Their mandate is renewable. The committee may call on experts to study specific issues. Three sub-committees have been set up to deal in depth with: EMS monitoring, aircraft approach paths and CO2 emissions.

Sustainable development issues

The relevant issues reflecting the significant economic, environmental and social impacts of airport activities were assessed and formalised in the sustainable development report in 2014. They were consolidated and verified by an external company in 2016, taking into account elements specific to the sector and in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative benchmarks. These subjects reflect the challenges that the airport operator and its partners face on a daily basis, in order to act in line with the imperatives of sustainable development. In 2018, Genève Aéroport began a process of linking these issues to the UN's sustainable development goals as well as formalising its commitments in terms of sustainable development.

In 2019, Genève Aéroport joined the ACI Europe task force, working to develop a vision and a common sustainable development strategy for airports, and to adapt its list of issues. In view of this work, an update of the materiality analysis was initiated. In order to measure their importance for Genève Aéroport, sustainability issues were assessed internally, in particular with the support of the Enterprise Risk Committee and with regard to the risks for airport activities. These results were validated by General Management. The list of Genève Aéroport stakeholders was consolidated in coordination with the Cross-cutting sustainable development committee, taking into account the influence capacity of the various parties. An online survey was conducted among key stakeholders in 2020 to assess their concerns and the results were consolidated by an external office. On this basis, new medium and long-term sustainable development goals are being defined.

Contact and information

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