The operating and development framework of airport infrastructure is defined by the SAIP Sheet of Genève Aéroport adopted by the Federal Council in November 2018. It lays down the general operating conditions, the airfield perimeter, the equipment, the noise exposure, as well as the elements for nature and landscape protection.

The SAIP Sheet was subject to a wide consultation with the concerned Swiss and French authorities. This allowed Genève Aéroport to take into account all the expectations in order to place the airport’s evolution in the wider context of the sustainable development of the regionIIn accordance with its strategic goals and in line with its values, Genève Aéroport works to reconcile its economic, social and environmental responsibilities in the interests of sustainable development. 

These commitments are translated into concrete solutions for the management of the entire airport infrastructure and the services offered on the platform.

They are implemented in the relations with the main stakeholders: 

  • The users, who benefit from quality, accessible infrastructures and services, responding as much as possible to everyone’s needs, promoting the sustainable use of natural resources and limiting emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases.
  • The residents, by limiting noise and air quality nuisance and by cultivating dialogue and promoting local economic development.
  • The partners, emphasising healthy working relationships while promoting equitable benefits and ethical products.
  • The personnel, who benefit from a quality work environment that guarantees gender equality, encourages diversity and the development of skills, ensuring their health, safety and well-being. 

Genève Aéroport strengthens its social commitment through its sponsorship policy, which financially supports many associations or sports, cultural, economic, social and environmental organisations. Lions de Genève basketball team, Forum Meyrin Theatre and the Film Festival and International Forum on Human Rights are part of its iconic partnerships.