Genève Aéroport: cantonal point of contact

Point of contact for the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, for the assessment, control and analysis of permanent and/or temporary obstacles to air navigation, Genève Aéroport aims to maintain aviation safety.

Obstacle reporting obligation

All applications for the construction of buildings, installations of a certain height (antenna, tower, crane, cable transport installation, power line, etc.), planting of vegetation and reforestation must be submitted for approval on the FOCA platform.
The Federal Office of Civil Aviation decides, in collaboration with Genève Aéroport and Skyguide if necessary, if the obstacle can be established and under what conditions. This procedure also applies to modifications to existing obstacles.

Obstacle limitation surfaces (OLS)

A security zone is established for each airport, including Genève Aéroport, so that the airspace is clear of any obstacle. For air navigation facilities and air routes, the FOCA decides in each case whether a safety zone is necessary. The cadastre of obstacle limitation surfaces is decisive in establishing the safety zones. These are represented in a zone plan indicating the restrictions of the property in surface and in height.

Genève Aéroport jurisdiction

Genève Aéroport
Planification et développement des opérations - OCD
CP 100 - 1215 Geneva 15
 +41 76 487 38 10