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about today's flights (delays, cancelled flights, etc.) also on your smartphone / tablet with our free application GVApp.

"Delay" Column: any information shown in the "Delay" column is expressed in minutes (or possibly hours/minutes). It is the estimated flight delay that should be added to the scheduled arrival or departure time.

The flight details published are those that appear on the monitors in the terminal. They are provided for information purposes. Given the complex nature of the information chain, Genève Aéroport cannot be held responsible for any errors when items of information are distributed or for any delay in updating them. Thank you for your understanding.

Main rules for the airport site area

The airport is a public space in which many people come and go. People's different habits, stress and fatigue sometimes find their expression in forms of frustration and inappropriate behaviour.

In order to make sure that the hub remains a pleasant place to be, Genève Aéroport addresses the following few rules to both passengers and staff working at the airport.

Please apply them both inside the building as well as within its exterior perimeter.