The entire airport, always with you

Fly away and take the airport in your pocket or on your wrist without fearing an excess baggage. 

GVApp is available for free in French, German and English, for Android, iOS and Apple Watch.

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Follow your flight

Upon your departure or your arrival, scan your boarding pass to see the profile of your flight.
Everything is here: company name, flight number, expected times, aircraft model, check-in desk, boarding gate, baggage lane.

Plus, with a simple gesture you can share this information with all your contacts.


Before even looking for a parking place, GVApp tells you where to find it.

In addition to real-time display of the number of free spots in the various car parks, your smartphone calculates the cost according to your departure and arrival dates and keeps track of where your vehicle is parked.

With GVApp, it has never been easier to find a parking spot... and remember it.

Find your way

It would be unfortunate to start your journey by getting lost.

Our interactive map shows your exact location in real time, allowing you to stroll through the airport and reach your boarding gate in time.

Coming to and leaving from the airport

GVApp saves you time as soon as you land, giving you in real-time the schedules of the next buses and trains departing from the airport. Our application also guides you among all the other transportation means that are available upon arrival (taxis, shuttles to hotels, rental cars...).

Stay informed with GVApp

A change of the schedule, boarding gate or flight status, either yours or the persons’ you pick up?

Be warned immediately, wherever you are, by simply activating the app's notification function.


Whether you want to buy a souvenir or just to indulge yourself, GVApp allows you to fly over 80 shops and restaurants at the airport at a glance. Classified by category, by area or by name, the factsheets for each store inform you about schedules, current promotions and even the dishes of the day!

Access to the free Wifi

Do you want to receive your access code for 120 minutes of free WiFi?

Simply scan your boarding pass with your smartphone and that’s it. In addition, this connection is valid on various devices (smartphone, computer, tablet etc.). Getting a WiFi code via SMS, at the Visitors Center or at our self-service kiosks is still possible.

Find out the weather information

Whatever your destination you are travelling from, don’t ever let yourself be surprised by the temperature at your arrival in Geneva, thanks to the 5-day weathercast.


Download GVApp