Hvgge x To Good to Go


Danish Café Restaurant Hvgge is proud to now collaborate with Too Good to Go, a mobile app against food waste, born in 2016 in the Danish capital.

You too can actively contribute to the fight against food waste by saving delicious surprise baskets, made up of a selection of daily products at reduced prices.
Sandwiches, salads, desserts and pastries... You'll never be disappointed!
Treat yourself while having a positive impact on the planet.
Saving your surprise basket couldn't be easier:
  1. Download the Too Good to Go mobile app, available on App Sotre, Google Play or App Gallery Huawei.
  2. Book your basket via the app, in advance or last minute, depending on availability.
  3. Meet us at Hvgge (Geneva Airport Arrivals Hall) between 9pm and 10pm to collect your meal.
Together, let's continue our efforts to help the planet.
To find out more about the Too Good To Go concept


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