Kiss & Fly dropped off area

Passengers being driven to the airport can be dropped off at the Departures level a stone’s throw from the terminal building and make their way quickly and safely inside. The drop-off area is accessible via the road going to the airport – just follow the temporary signs.

The area comprises one lane with pedestrian pathways, allowing passengers to get out of the vehicle, take their luggage and walk the few steps to the terminal in complete safety while the driver leaves.

As its name indicates, the Kiss & Fly area is not intended for parking, not even for a brief period. It does, however, allow drivers to deposit passengers at the best place and in the best conditions… with just enough time for a good-bye kiss before take-off!

Attention: drop-off/pick-up of passengers is not allowed. It must be done at one of the car parks.

Opening hours

Kiss & Fly




GPS coordinates

Latitude 46.2306 / longitude 6.1101