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Carbon offset for European or Intercontinental flights
50% of the price of the carbon offset paid by Genève Aéroport
The carbon offset is paid in full to myclimate

2023/2024 PROJECT

Genève Aéroport and myclimate are joining forces to support the manufacture and distribution of solar ovens in Madagascar. Solar ovens can replace the use of charcoal, which is a non-renewable and extremely polluting energy. Solar ovens prevent the emission of 269,621 tonnes of CO2 each year!


In order to reduce CO₂ emissions and curb the rapid deforestation of the island of Madagascar, we support the manufacture and distribution of high-efficiency solar ovens. Solar ovens can replace the use of charcoal, which is a non-renewable energy and emits large amounts of CO2.
This project is also characterised by raising awareness in schools on environmental protection and climate-friendly cooking as well as by planting one tree per oven sold.

This project prevents the release of 269,621 tonnes of CO2 each year.


Carbon offset projects reduce CO2 emissions by replacing fossil energy sources with renewable energies or by promoting energy-efficient technologies. High-quality climate protection projects also contribute to the social, ecological and economic development of the regions.
myclimate is a Swiss and world leader in the field of voluntary carbon offsetting measures. With high-quality projects, myclimate enables measurable climate protection as well as sustainable development.
Carbon offsetting only has an effect if the offset funds are actually used directly for the benefit of climate protection projects. As a non-profit foundation, myclimate guarantees that at least 80% of the offset funds are used for climate protection projects on site. The foundation uses the remaining 20% ​​at most to cover internal administration and management costs.
More information on myclimate


The cost of carbon offsetting is calculated according to the average distance of European and Intercontinental flights, departing from Genève Aéroport.
Intercontinental flights are at an average distance of 4,298 km from Genève Aéroport.
Flights to a European city are at an average distance of 899 km from Genève Aéroport. (2019 data).
To offset for the equivalent of one tonne of CO2, the cost is 28.60 CHF/tonne. The cost per tonne of CO2 is defined using the myclimate flight calculator. The myclimate flight calculator uses a very precise methodology and calculates the amount of CO2 that an aircraft emits per passenger over a given distance. Nitrogen and aerosols are also taken into account and converted to CO2.
As part of its environmental commitment, Genève Aéroport covers 50% of the cost of carbon offsets. *
*A 50% reduction will be automatically applied in the shopping basket. Genève Aéroport's financial participation is guaranteed until the amount dedicated to this commitment is reached.


When selecting and designing this project, myclimate applies only the strictest independent quality standards, such as MDP, Gold Standard and Plan Vivo.
More information on the myclimate website.


  • I choose my type of flight and my type of trip*
  • I add my carbon offset in the shopping basket. 50% of the carbon offset is paid by Genève Aéroport.
  • Genève Aéroport pays 100% of the offset amount to myclimate, in favour of the project we are supporting. Your personal data is protected. We do not pass any data on to myclimate.
 *I can choose a flight prior to today's date, in order to offset for a flight already made.

Your airline may already be offsetting its carbon emissions. We invite you to contact your airline for more information on its environmental initiatives.

By offsetting your carbon emissions with Genève Aéroport & myclimate, you are supporting a certified climate protection project.


 If your flight is cancelled or postponed, you have the option of modifying or cancelling your carbon offset free of charge.