New self-service baggage drop-off area at geneva airport


In a technological partnership with SITA and the airline easyJet, Geneva Airport has installed 30 new kiosks and 15 self-service baggage drop-off points. Since the beginning of October 2023, easyJet passengers in the international zone have been able to drop off their hold baggage independently before going through security and on their way.

This deployment follows a 3-month trial period during the summer, in a reduced area and with a targeted number of easyJet passengers. This test phase was carried out in collaboration with Swissport, the ground handling company that checks in passengers for the airline in this area. This phase has enabled all the validations to be carried out so that the service can now be extended to all of the airline's passengers.

The new baggage drop-off area, which incorporates the latest advances in special baggage handling (such as skis and bicycles), meets a number of objectives: improving and streamlining the welcome for passengers by reducing the time they have to wait to check in.

The new process

Greeted by Swissport ground handling agents, passengers go to one of the 30 kiosks available to validate the weight of their baggage, obtain their baggage tag, attach it and then place it on the baggage carousel at one of the 15 counters equipped with the self-service baggage drop-off system.

Each passenger is autonomous in his or her actions, but assistance agents are available if necessary. Personalised assistance for passengers is also provided by 3 mobile ticket offices and 2 fixed ticket offices.
The process developed is designed to be simple and pragmatic for passengers, while dealing with the various situations that an airline has to manage, such as :
  • printing labels for special baggage, including skis,
  • payment for excess baggage or additional baggage directly at the kiosks
When it comes to labelling luggage, the aim has been to simplify the process. To attach the label, there's nothing to unstick. Simply join the two ends of the label together and, as if by magic, it sticks!

"Customers are now used to managing many stages of their journey themselves," says André Schneider, CEO of Geneva Airport. "Self-service check-in is already customary for a large majority of passengers. Self-service checked baggage drop-off adds a step that reduces waiting time and speeds up the start of the journey."

Sergio Colella, President of SITA Europe, said: "Geneva Airport, in collaboration with easyJet, confirms its commitment to offering passengers an intuitive airport experience. By leveraging the latest self-service technologies, Geneva and easyJet are increasing capacity and taking the airport experience to the next level - improving customer satisfaction, shortening queues and reducing costs. SITA is proud of this long-term collaboration, which continues to produce innovative ideas."