The Inflyter app enables international passengers travelling to or from Genève Aéroport to shop duty free online with:

  • exclusive prices,
  • special offers,
  • loyalty rewards,
  • offers fast and easy order collection and delivery on the day of departure.

Did you know?
There is also an extra 10% discount available exclusively to travellers buying their duty free online using the Inflyter app when travelling to and from Genève Aéroport. This special offer is available on any purchases excluding liquors, spirits, cigars and promotions, making prices less expensive than in-store!

Download it now from the App Store or Google Play Store:

Inflyter App Store Inflyter Google Play
Inflyter App Store Inflyter Google Play

Why use the Inflyter app?

Browse and shop duty free online before you travel

With special promotions and offers ensuring you can access the best prices for your duty free products, Inflyter also enables you to browse and buy duty free products online immediately once you have made a flight booking. This means you can shop days, weeks and even months before your departure and view the products and promotions that are available, without waiting until you are at Genève Aéroport.

Buying in advance can be much more convenient for some travellers as you can browse thousands of your favourite brands, products and travel essentials from the comfort of your home or hotel before you even think about packing for your trip. It is a great way to minimise stress levels at the airport so can spend your time relaxing rather than having to shop in a rush!

Shop duty free from your seat when at the airport

However, don’t worry if you prefer to think about duty free once you are checked in or if you want to do any last minute duty free shopping when you are at Genève Aéroport, as you can still use the Inflyter app to buy your products while waiting for your flight to depart.

Fast order preparation with delivery options to suit you

Orders can be placed up to 60 minutes before your flight departure time, will be prepared in less than 30 minutes and your purchases will even be delivered directly to you at your gate by an Aelia Duty Free representative so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your airport seat!

The Inflyter app allows you to benefit from fast and easy order collection at the airport when you travel at Genève Aéroport. You can choose whether you would like your purchases delivered to you at your boarding gate or collect your order at the Aelia Duty store from the priority collection area.

Offers a safer and contactless duty free shopping experience

The Inflyter app provides a fully contactless and fully digital purchase process creating a safer duty free shopping experience for those travellers who prefer to shop duty free online rather than in-store.

How to use the Inflyter app?

Using the app is very simple:

  1. Add your flight booking – you can either scan your boarding pass or enter your flight number and date of departure manually. This will open the duty free shop online and you will be able to start shopping.

  2. Enjoy shopping – browse products across categories from tobacco and liquors to fragrances and skincare and explore duty free items your favourite brands such as Swarovski, Johnnie Walker, Malboro and Moët & Chandon.

  3. Order collection or delivery – during the checkout process, you can select whether you would like to priority collection of your order in the Aelia Duty Free shop on your day of travel, or if you would prefer your purchases to be delivered to you at your boarding gate. On collection, you will just need to show your unique duty free order confirmation QR code within the Inflyter app.

  4. Get rewarded – you will also earn loyalty miles that you can build up and save to use on your next purchase with Inflyter.


Other ways to shop duty free

If you wanted to wait until you were at Genève Aéroport to shop duty free, you can check out more information about the Aelia Duty Free Main Store in departures or the Aelia Duty Free Arrivals Store.