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Book your ResaPark parking space at Geneva Airport

Booking a parking space at Geneva Airport is easy and convenient, thanks to our ResaPark reservation service. Ensure you have a parking space available upon your arrival at the airport by booking in advance.

By reserving your parking space at Geneva Airport, you will travel with peace of mind and without stress, as your parking space is guaranteed. You will not have to search for a spot for long minutes upon your arrival at the airport.

To book your parking place, please select the dates and times of your trip, as well as the desired type of parking. Then, pay the reservation fees online and receive a confirmation by email. The parking payment will be made on site at the automatic cashiers.

The three parking options available for reservation are as follows:

P1 ResaPark - Premium - The P1 ResaPark offers direct access to the airport, being the closest and most convenient for travelers. The ResaPark zone is located on level -2, providing premium parking with 450 spaces available for reservation.

P26 ResaPark - Economical - The ResaPark area of P26 is located on level -1. This parking lot is just a ten-minute walk from the terminal. It's an economical option for parking at Geneva Airport, with 250 parking spaces available.

P51 ResaPark - Economical - The ResaPark area of P51 is situated on the top floor of this parking lot (level 6, open air). This parking is also a ten-minute walk from the terminal. It's an economical alternative for parking at the airport, with 290 spaces available.

Spaces are quickly reserved and stock is limited. By booking now, you will ensure that you have a parking space. ResaPark parking lots are in high demand and fill up quickly, especially during peak periods. Do not miss the opportunity to secure your spot by booking as early as possible and enjoy an optimal travel experience!


The parking spaces at Geneva Airport can accommodate vehicles with a height strictly less than 2m00.
The only parking that can accommodate vehicles up to 2m45 is level -3 of P26. This area is freely accessible, and reservations are not possible.

Leaving the car park after 11pm

: ResaPark parking lots are open 24/7. If your return flight arrives late, we recommend selecting the 23:00 exit time. You have a four-hour window to leave the parking area.


  • I search and book a parking place online
  • I pay the booking fee
  • I park my vehicle on one of the reserved places
  • I pay the parking fees upon my return at the parking ticket machines.


Find the best route to P1, P51 or P26 ResaPark. Select the parking of your choice below to calculate your travel time.


Parking rates vary depending on the ResaPark parking lots at the airport. The reservation fee for parking at P1 ResaPark is 20 CHF, while for parking at P26 and P51 ResaPark, the reservation fee is 10 CHF.

Please note that the reservation fee is not a deposit, and the total parking cost is not included. Parking fees are to be paid upon your return directly at the airport's automatic payment machines.


Entry and exit margins

Entry and exit periods for ResaPark zones are defined by time margins.

Your reservation allows you to enter the ResaPark zone up to two hours before or up to four hours after the entry time you have selected.

If you enter outside this period, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

As for the exit, you can leave the zone up to four hours before or up to four hours after the exit time you have selected.

If you leave the parking lot outside of these periods, additional fees may be applied upon vehicle retrieval (except for flight delays or cancellations).

Change and cancellation

You can modify or cancel your ResaPark reservation free of charge until the day before its use. After this deadline, no modification or cancellation will be possible.

To make a modification, please log in to your account and go to the "My Purchases" section. Select the reservation you wish to modify and follow the instructions. A credit equivalent to the initial reservation amount will be credited during the modification. It is important to finalise the modification by clicking on the "Pay" button, even if the amount in your cart is 0 CHF. Once completed, you will receive your new reservation.

In case of cancellation, please log in to your account and go to the "My Purchases" section. Select the reservation you wish to cancel and follow the instructions. A full refund will be made to the credit card used for the reservation payment.

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