Priority security check and access to Swissport Horizon Lounge
Time saved and more comfort
20% discount* by combining the two products!

Book your VIP pack

Add more comfort to your trip by booking a VIP Pack! This service includes two exclusive services.

Priority Lane: access the security check with priority, without standing in traditional lines.

Swissport Horizon Lounge: relax in a quiet and comfortable environment before the departure of your flight. Enjoy the available newspapers, snacks and drinks.

The VIP Pack is available for all flights and destinations (except for flights to France and flights departing from Terminal 2)


  • Search and book your VIP Pack
  • Scan your ticket at the Priority Lane Terminal and access security check with priority.
  • Go to Swissport Horizon Lounge and show your ticket.
  • Relax in the lounge and enjoy the available newspapers, snacks and drinks.

Food, Beverages and equipment

Enjoy a wide selection of beverages, teas, coffees as well as hot and cold snacks.
The Horizon Swissport lounge has a free WiFi network available to all lounge guests.

Costs and use

The VIP Pack is sold for a one-off fee of 45 CHF.

Swissport Horizon lounge is open from 06:00 to 21:30. The time shown on the ticket is for information only. The ticket is valid for the whole day you purchased it.

The VIP Pack is free for children under the age of six. They do not need to be purchased a ticket. To use the Priority Lane, carry your child as you walk through. From the age of six, each user must have a valid ticket.

The VIP Pack is available for purchase up until the day before your departure.

Change and cancellation

You can change or cancel your VIP Pack until the eve of its use. Your VIP Pack may no longer be cancelled or changed after this time. Please note that the change and/or the cancellation of your order is subject to fees.

Change fees

50% of the purchase price.

Change of two VIP Packs
Purchase price: 90 CHF
50% cancellation fee

Credit amount: 45 CHF

Cancellation fees

50% of the purchase price.

Cancellation of a VIP Pack
Purchase price: 45
50% cancellation fee

Refund amount: 22.50 CHF

*20% discount by comparing the price of services purchased individually. Swissport Horizon Lounge access is charged 45 CHF on-site. The price of a unit Priority Lane is 10 CHF  Total of the two services = 55 CHF instead of 45 CHF with the VIP Pack.

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