ComMercial leases at the airport

Genève Aéroport manages all the commercial areas of the airport. These commercial leases are available under fixed-term leasing agreements.

  • For any additional information, please contact the Commercial and Development management, Commercial leases Service, by e-mail.

Renting of premises at the airport

Genève Aéroport does not rent meeting rooms.

Genève Aéroport rents out a variety of premises in buildings on the airport site: offices, basements, storage space, etc.

  • For any further information, please contact the Commercial and Development management, Real Estate Management Service, at +4122 717 70 65 or by e-mail

This does not apply to "commercial" areas (see below).

Rental of meeting rooms

Genève Aéroport does not rent meeting rooms.

Le Chef - located on the top floor of the airport - has fully modular conference rooms, equipped with state-of-the art audio-visual techniques, with a stunning view of the runway and the Jura Mountains.