Committed to a region in motion.

For Genève Aéroport, sponsoring is an opportunity to support projects in which it believes and to commit alongside those who create, who perform or innovate, in Geneva and in the entire region. Genève Aéroport is involved through sustainable partnerships in sports, culture, economy and tourism, applying selection criteria that comply with its values. In the same way, a sponsorship fund supports charitable and humanitarian associations.

Genève Aéroport used to support more than 100 clubs, associations or events each year. Due to the pandemic, Genève Aéroport was forced to suspend its partnerships. 


Through sponsoring, Genève Aéroport maintains its positive and attractive image with the local public and increases its visibility and its notoriety by supporting cultural, sports and economic events with large audiences.

Local support

Essential element of Genève Aéroport’s strategy, the local support contributes to the associative, cultural and sports development of surrounding municipalities by sponsoring various activities or initiatives.

Sponsorship fund

By creating its sponsorship Fund, Genève Aéroport assumes its social responsibility by supporting charitable, humanitarian and social projects in Switzerland and abroad. The originality of this Sponsorship Fund relies in its manner of selection, since projects are submitted to the vote of Genève Aéroport employees.

Your sponsoring contact

You can send your sponsorship request through the application form.