A high-yield market

Genève Aéroport is the gateway to one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, known for its intense diplomatic activity, its Congress and its dynamic business environment. The region is also a world competence centre in the areas of biotechnology, education, finance and trading. In addition, its tradition to watchmaking, luxury industry and fine chemicals is very well established.

Surveys confirm that Genève Aéroport has a high-yield clientele, thanks to a large proportion of passengers travelling in business class, which particularly enjoys airlines’ appreciation. For many carriers, Geneva is one of the most profitable destinations of their regular lines.

Finally, the region attracts high-end tourism, in both summer and winter. Switzerland and neighbouring France’s best-known sites are easily accessible by public or private transport from the airport. Thanks to its ideal location, Genève Aéroport is also the doorway to the Alps

A long-term partnership

Genève Aéroport accompanies the airlines in a win-win perspective, by ensuring the long-term viability of the new routes and allowing a sustainable implementation:

  • Potential and feasibility studies, based on the most serious data sources and recognised by professionals
  • Simulations of new routes and market shares, thanks to a suitable model adjusted based on years of practice
  • Contact with the authorities and support in the field of traffic rights and official permissions
  • Generous sales incentives programme over four years for long haul and over two years for regional connections
  • Comprehensive marketing strategy for the launch of new routes on the local market
  • PR actions and events with the targets of the travel industry, press and policymakers
  • Strategic visibility within the airport and on its digital media
  • Support in promotions and sales within the catchment area
  • Regular follow-up of performance and implementation of long-term promotional actions
  • Support of the entire institutional and economic network of the region.

B2B Campaign by Genève Aéroport

As part of the process of qualitative development of its air network, Genève Aéroport communicates in the specialised press, through a new campaign developed since 2017. The concept of this campaign highlights the catalyst role of relationships and experiences between passengers and airlines proposed by Genève Aéroport. With the signature “Reach New Heights”, Genève Aéroport underlines its ambition of being an international player of excellence in the aviation sector. Following a call for tenders, the agency MetaDesign has been selected for this design.

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