If you wish to become a supplier of Genève Aéroport in the fields of purchase of goods or services or in the field of execution of works, you will find below our general conditions.

In accordance with the latter, the contractor complies with Genève Aéroport’s requirements concerning sustainable development. In this context, it ensures compliance with the Genève Aéroport's Responsible Purchasing Charter. If the place of performance of your services is the airport site, you must also comply with the Directive for works carried out on the airport site, as well as the Environmental Directive applicable for services performed on the airport site; see documents available to be downloaded opposite.

Purchasing Policy

Genève Aéroport’s procurement policy sets out the missions, guidelines, orientations and general intentions of Genève Aéroport Management in the field of procurement.

Purchasing Ethics

The company undertakes not to promise, propose or offer Genève Aéroport staff members or their relatives, directly or indirectly, any benefits considered or that could be considered as an illegal or corrupt practice.