Public Procurement Regulations

Genève Aéroport is a public law company governed by the Law on the Organisation of Public Law Institutions (LOIDP - A 2 24) and the Law on the Aéroport international de Genève (LAIG - H 3 25). Therefore, it is subject to public procurement regulations.

All purchases of Genève Aéroport are subject to public procurement regulations, from the first cent spent and regardless of the market concerned.

These regulations define public procurement thresholds which, depending on the type of contract concerned (supply, service, construction) and the overall amount of the latter, will determine the choice of the award procedure to be applied.

Tendering Procedure

A call for tenders is a procedure whereby a contracting authority invites different bidders to make a costed technical and commercial proposal in response to the detailed description (terms of reference) of a requirement for goods and/or services and/or construction.

A public call for tenders has the particularity of being subject to strict guidelines imposed by law and involving compliance with defined procedures.

We therefore reiterate the importance of providing the mandatory documents (including certificates of conformity) and complying with the terms indicated in the administrative conditions of the call for tenders (complete and timely submission of files).

Types of Tendering Procedure

The public procurement regulations describe four types of award procedures applicable according to the thresholds, in particular:

The open procedure: a public procedure in which all interested parties may participate, whose bids are evaluated according to suitability and award criteria.

  • The selective procedure: a public procedure in two rounds, the first consisting in determining, on the basis of aptitude criteria, the candidates admitted to submit a tender and the second being used to award the contract to the best bid on the basis of the award criteria.

  • Invitation procedure: procedure whereby at least three service providers are invited directly and without publication, as far as possible, to submit a bid, which is evaluated on the basis of award criteria.

  • Open market award of the contract: procedure consisting in awarding the contract directly to a service provider, without issuing a call for tenders in an open, selective or invitation-based procedure.

Information System on Public Procurement in Switzerland (SIMAP)

The Association has developed a platform that encourages commercial relations between contracting authorities, bidders and public procurement.

For all information on the current Genève Aéroport calls for tenders (except those governed by the invitation procedure and the second round of the selective procedure), we therefore invite you to consult the SIMAP platform.