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Priority security check
More time to enjoy the shops
Can be used for all flights and destinations

Book your priority lane

Priority Lane allows priority access to security check without standing in traditional lines. This service is available for all flights and destinations*!

*except Charter flights departing from Terminal 2


  • Book your Priority Lane to receive your ticket.
  • Scan your ticket at the Priority Lane Terminal and access security check with priority.
  • Take advantage of the time available to discover our shops or go directly to the boarding gate.

Costs and use

Priority Lane unit price is CHF 10

Priority Lane is not nominative and the time on the ticket is indicative. The ticket is valid for the entire day of the intended use.

Priority Lane is free for children under six years old and they do not need a ticket. Take the child in your arms and pass at the same time. From the age of six, each user must be in possession of a valid ticket.

You can buy a Priority Lane until the day before your departure.

Change and cancellation

You can change or cancel your Priority Lane until the eve of its use. Your booking may no longer be cancelled or changed after this time. Please note that the change and/or the cancellation of your booking is subject to fees.

Change fees
50% of the purchase price.
Change of two Priority Lane tickets
Purchase price: 20 CHF
50% cancellation fee
Credit amount: 10 CHF

Cancellation fees

50% of the purchase price.
Cancellation of a Priority Lane
urchase price: 10 CHF
50% cancellation fee
Refund amount: 5 CHF

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10 CHF

VIP Pack

Combine Priority Lane and Lounge

45 CHF
Nouveau !

Carbon offsetting

Reduce the carbon footprint of your flight by supporting a certified climate protection project