Genève Aéroport proposes two official partners for valet car services to facilitate your travels. The two companies below are the only official valet car companies authorised to offer this service on the airport site.

N.B. The other companies providing this kind of service do not benefit from any official concession from us and, as a result, operate illegally at the airport site. Therefore, Genève Aéroport under no circumstances guarantees the quality of their services, thereby denying any liability.

EASY-PARK.CH, valet car service, offers you an economical solution to park, guard and clean your vehicle during your trips from Genève Aéroport.

  • Upon departure: park your vehicle in the “short-term” car park and drop your key at the counter at the Check-in level.
  • On return: you pick-up your key at the counter at the Check-in level.

Your vehicle will be parked in our parking spaces at P1, level -3.

With you are guaranteed a parking space.

+4122 717 82 79 •

Opening hours:
Booking in advance on our website 7/7 or on-site at our counter open from 04:30 to 00:30.


AMAG Valet Parking, a quick, easy and safe way to park your car before your departure.

Valet Parking AMAG

No reservation is required and your parking space is guaranteed. It cannot be easier!

  1. Upon arrival at Genève Aéroport, park your car on one of the places reserved for Valet Parking in the main car park of the airport P1, level -3.
    Drop your key at the “Valet Parking” counter at the check-in level, under the pedestrian crossing.
  2. Upon your return, ask for your key at the “Valet Parking” counter at the check-in level. Your vehicle will be parked in the main parking of the airport, P1, level -3.

+4122 717 81 11 •

Opening hours:
7/7 from 05:30 to 23:30.