Governance and Management 

Legal Framework

Genève Aéroport is an autonomous public institution defined by the Law on the International Airport of Geneva (LAIG) and its implementing regulations (RAIG). Similarly, its operation is governed by Operating Rules.
The airport upholds the importance of a regional dimension adapted to environment challenges, land use planning, land mobility and economic dynamics through an Objectives Agreement that binds it to the Canton of Geneva.
Its activities are also subject to the control of the Confederation and more particularly of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) which has adopted the sheet of the Sectoral Aviation Infrastructure Plan concerning the airport (SAIP sheet). Published at the end of 2018, this document is essential for the planning of Genève Aéroport’s development over the upcoming fifteen years. 

Board of Directors

For the 2018-2023 (from 01.12.2018 to 30.11.2023) term,  the Board of Directors of Genève Aéroport is composed of 20 members. 

President of the board

Pierre Bernheim, President

  • Ms Corinne Moinat

Members appointed by the Grand council

  • M. Michel Fabre (PS)
  • M. Lulzim Jahiu (MCG)
  • M. Yves Nidegger (UDC)
  • M. Bertrand Robert Reich (PLR)
  • M. Patrick Schmied (PDC)
  • M. Quentin Stauffer (EAG)
  • M. Tristan Balmer Mascotto (V)

Members ​​​​appointed by the council of State

  • Ms Corine Moinat
  • M. Pierre Bernheim
  • M. Jean-Luc Favre
  • M. Jacques Jeannerat
  • M. Stanislas Zuin

Member ​​appointed by the administrative council of Grand-Saconnex

  •  M. Laurent Jimaja

Member ​​appointed by the administrative council of Meyrin

  • M. Laurent Tremblet

Members appointed by the council of state, on the proposal of the conference of ministers of economy western Switzerland

  • Ms Karin Perraudin
  • M. David Pignolet

Member appointed by the council of state, on the proposal of the presidents of the general councils of the neighbouring french departments.

  • Ms Aurélie Charillon

Representative ​​​​appointed by the council of State

  • M. Philippe Matthey

Members elected by the institution's employees

  • M. Olivier Hohl
  • M. Thierry Mellina-Bares
  • M. Nicolas Vuille


  • CdD : Conseil de direction
  • CS : Commission Stratégie
  • CI : Commission Infrastructures
  • CARH : Commission Administration et Ressources humaines
  • CAF : Commission Audit et Finances​


  • 1 member of each party represented in the Grand Council 
  • 5 members appointed by the Council of State
  • 1 member of the Administrative Council of the commune of Grand-Saconnex
  • 1 member of the Administrative Council of the commune of Meyrin
  • 2 members appointed by the Council of State, on a proposal from the Conference of the Heads of Departments of Public Economy of Western Switzerland 
  • 1 member designated by the Council of State, on a proposal from the chairmen of the General Councils of the neighbouring French departments
  • 3 members elected by the staff of the institution. 

The composition of the Board of Directors, with representatives of the political world and civil society with varied skills, ensures a democratic and balanced management of Genève Aéroport.


The management of Genève Aéroport is organised around two business units: 

  • The Operations unit encompasses the aeronautical dimension of the airport, the safety, the security and the passengers.
  • The Commercial & Development unit covers both the aeronautical segment (royalties) and non-aeronautics segment, including businesses, bars and restaurants, advertising and public land management. 

Four departments support these two units within the Management: Human Resources, Finance, Technology and Infrastructure. In addition, the expanded management team is reinforced by the Communication and Environment & Sustainable Development departments.


general manager

André SCHNEIDER, Directeur général

Chief Executive Officer




Pierre GERMAIN, Directeur commercial et développement

Chief Commercial Officer

Giovanni RUSSO, Directeur des opérations

Chief Operations Officer
Giovanni RUSSO


Chief Human Resources Officer
Susanna Swann

Aline VAGLIO, Directrice des Finances

Chief Financial Officer

Massimo GENTILE, Directeur des Technologies

Chief Technology Officer

Philippe MORAGA, Directeur des Infrastructures

Chief Technical Officer
Philippe MORAGA



Head of Communication and spokesperson
Sandy Bouchat


Head of Environment and Sustainable Development


Christine WIDMANN, Secrétaire générale et affaires juridiques

Secretary General and Legal Affairs
Christine WIDMANN