responsible partner and employer

A benchmark employer

Genève Aéroport human resources policy guarantees equal pay for women and men, promotes non-discrimination in hiring and acts in favour of the development of skills and the maintenance of employability of staff through continuing training programmes. These encourage team diversity, internal mobility and professional development. 
In addition, Genève Aéroport is known for its commitment to integration and vocational training, as well as occupational health and safety through the following certifications: 

  1+ pour tous rewards Geneva companies that promote professional integration.
  Friendly Workspace’ stresses efforts to preserve the employees’ health and well-being.  
  Entreprises formatrices’ recognises companies that are committed to the training of apprentices.
  Swiss Olympic’ recognises companies that provide training, allowing their apprentices to combine a basic professional training with their career as elite athlete.

responsible partner

Genève Aéroport selects its partners in accordance with the rules of public procurement and implements measures to optimise the use of financial and natural resources, to ensure respect of the right to work at its suppliers while contributing to the social and economic development of the region. The company works with more than 1,900 suppliers. Genève Aéroport systematises the identification of impacts on sustainable development of each tender, which translates into the integration of specific requirements into the specifications and the definition of assessment criteria allowing to promote the most sustainable companies.