The cargo hall is twenty years old


On Wednesday 8 October 2008, to mark the twentieth anniversary of the commissioning of the cargo hall, Geneva International Airport called a gathering of its partners in the field of air cargo, in the presence of Mr. Francois Longchamp, State Councillor and Chairman of the Board of GVA, and Mr Robert Deillon, Director-General.

Mr Francois Longchamp took the opportunity to recall that with the cargo hall, Geneva and the whole of its surrounding region, including neighbouring France, enjoys the benefits of a highly effective installation for processing goods both for export and for import. He emphasized that the excellent performance achieved in Geneva in this area was the result of perfect collaboration between all the stakeholders working together under one roof. He also stressed that Geneva International Airport was, where freight was concerned, a "community" airport, and an asset that was greatly appreciated by every industrial operator, especially those in neighbouring France. He also noted the efforts made by GVA Management to promote this remarkable economic tool, both within and outside Switzerland.

In 2007, more than 56,000 tons of goods passed through the cargo hall, and by the end of September 2008, the volume had increased by 4.5% compared with the first nine months of 2007.