Genève Aéroport prepares the getaway of thousands of tourists


Fancy a sporting, cultural, gastronomic or health-oriented holiday?
A precise answer to your specific needs will be given by the exhibitors participating in the

Travel & Getaway day
to be held on
Sunday, 25 March 2012, from 09:00 to 18:00,
in the Genève Aéroport Swiss Railways station mall

For this latest instalment, eight airlines and some 11 tour operators and travel agencies will be on the spot. They will promote or sell “custom” products to the public.

So that the getaway can already get underway on the spot, a variety of stands will be themed to reflect arts and crafts, and culinary and cultural specialities from different regions of the world. The tourist offices of the Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Dubai, Morocco, Spain, and Tunisia will be present.
Entertainment will be provided, with live music and dance. In the same spirit, sports demonstrations will take place throughout the day, and many prizes will be offered to the public.

Why this salon? More than 13 million passengers transited through Genève Aéroport in 2011.
Almost half of these flows, or approximately 6.5 million people, consist of departing travellers. Essentially, they come from the French-speaking cantons, the German-speaking cantons that border on them, and departments in neighbouring France. Fifty percent of them are businessmen while the other half (or more than 3.5 million passengers) travel for family reasons or tourism.

While the internet offers many possibilities for booking flight-only tickets or turnkey breaks, an ever-growing number of candidates for a change of surroundings is seeking more personalized offers or more original destinations.
Since 1998, Genève Aéroport has organized meetings for them every year with professionals in the aviation and tourism sectors, using a formula that adapts to new demands.