Genève Aéroport in the colours of Western Switzerland


The Genève Aéroport passenger transfer buses have been decorated in the colours of the main tourist destinations of western Switzerland. This initiative was carried out in collaboration with Switzerland Tourism as part of the "Enjoy Switzerland" project (Swiss welcome).

From the time they arrive, passengers transiting through the Geneva hub can discover the landscapes of the western Swiss regions by using the vehicles in the colours of Geneva, Montreux Riviera, Glacier 3000, Fribourg Region, and the Lake Geneva Region.

As the gateway to western Switzerland, and a driver of the development of the vast pool of life of which it is a major infrastructural item, Genève Aéroport is thus playing a part in the promotion of these sites that serve as a backdrop to tourist activities.

These five new buses in the colours of western Swiss regions/destinations complement the fleet of the first four vehicles already customized in the colours of the cities of Geneva, Basel, Bern and Zurich. These major Swiss urban destinations were chosen in the context of an initial partnership between Genève Aéroport and Switzerland Tourism in preparation for Euro 2008.

The aim of the "Enjoy Switzerland" program, which was started by Switzerland Tourism in 2003, is a sustainable improvement in the quality of guest welcome and of touristic offers, both in terms of destinations (since 2003, nearly twenty Swiss tourist destinations have been partners of this program), and nationally in partnership with Swiss companies playing a leading role in the field of tourism, like Genève Aéroport.