Cargo's results 2009


The cargo volumes handled by Geneva International Airport during 2009 have reached 52'279 tons representing a slight drop of -4,8% compared to 2008 despite the economic downturn that impacted the exporting industries of the region. This result is very decent compared to the results of the other national hubs: ZRH -11%, BSL -16%.

The cargo activity, alike the passengers traffic, has hold ground to the economic situation with even some growing segments like integrators and postal freight (+14,9% & +7,1%). The cargo traffics during the first eight months of the year have slipped drastically while a strong upturn has been seen as of September compensating for the most part the fall of the previous months and sustained by the launching of Geneva-Washington flight (United), Geneva-Montreal (Air Canada) and the freighter Geneva-Shanghai (Jade/Lufthansa).
The outlook for 2010 remains positive in the current conditions.