Run the Genève Aéroport 2.0km and share your photos!


Four years already since the adventure of the 20km de Genève Aéroport began, and we proudly commit ourselves and the organizer to offer a race accessible to all in a friendly atmosphere. The situation of this year 2020 makes this 4th edition different but, rest assured, always so much fun!

The 20, 10 and 5km tracks and distances are still proposed but the race takes place digitally. Everyone runs when they want between November 1st and November 22nd. More flexibility and always so much fun!

In order to immortalize this special edition, we are launching the "20km challenge"! Take a picture of yourself during your run or walk and post it on your Instagram (account set to public mode required) by mentioning @geneveaeroport. Your photo will appear at the bottom of this page: be part of the mosaic of 2020 motivated participants that nothing stops!

We can't wait to cheer you on the 20km tracks and see your smiles.

Have a good race!