Geneva Airport gets an Arrival Duty Free shop


Inaugurated on 31 May 2011, the Arrival Duty Free shop will open its doors officially on 1 June and will offer a new service to passengers arriving in Geneva.

Duty Free Store Arrivals Nuance GroupAs of 1 June 2011, under the new Federal law on the purchase of goods in duty-free shops at airports, travellers passing through Geneva will be able to make purchases in a duty-free shop on arrival.

With an area of almost 400 square meters, the store will be located on the way to the baggage distribution hall. Its range will focus on the core products offered by duty-free shops: alcohol, wines and spirits, tobacco, perfumes and cosmetics.

Prices at the store will be the same as those in the duty-free shops traditionally located on departure.
Access to the space will be reserved for passengers arriving from abroad (i.e. all passengers except those who have made a domestic flight from Zurich or Lugano).
Customers must produce proof of travel (e-ticket, ticket, boarding pass) and be adults.
The quantities authorized for purchase are the same as under earlier legislation (i.e. 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars, 250 grams of tobacco, 200 sheets of cigarette paper, two litres of alcoholic beverages up to 15% by volume, 1 litre of beverages over 15% by volume. Other items are exempt from levies up to a total value of CHF 300.- per person. These limitations apply to all duty-free items imported into Switzerland, regardless of whether they are purchased abroad, at the airport of departure, on the plane, or at an arrival duty-free shop).

Managed by The Nuance Group, the Duty Free shop was officially inaugurated on 31 May 2011 in the presence of the airport authorities and of representatives from the economic and political circles who worked together for several years for the legislation to be duly amended.

It is estimated that the introduction of Arrival Duty Free shops at Swiss airports will generate substantial additional turnover in the country, and could create several dozen direct jobs. In Geneva, this non-aviation activity should enable Genève Aéroport to generate additional revenue that will allow it to contribute to its policy of substantial investments to be made over the coming years to optimize its performance.

Above all, the location of arrival duty-free shops at Genève Aéroport will radically change the habits of all travellers. The new legislation also has many advantages in various fields.

In terms of convenience, buying tax-free goods on arrival allows travellers to buy their goods at the last moment. This will enable them to avoid any risks (loss, theft, breakage of goods during the journey or at stopovers, etc.) and having to carry purchases unnecessarily throughout the trip. There are also environmental benefits (less unnecessary kilos on board aircraft) and benefits in terms of compliance with various national laws (no problems with taking goods on board aircraft during transit stopovers, or confiscation of pastes, liquids, gels, and sprays by security officers).

In terms of organisation, passengers will now have an opportunity to make their purchases at a suitable time during their journey (last gift before returning home, last-minute shopping before going to the station, etc.).

In terms of savings, passengers can now profit from their travel by taking advantage of attractive pricing on their departure and on their return. The possibility of making such purchases on their return will also enable them to avoid excess-baggage surcharges.

Duty Free Store Arrivals Nuance Group

With almost 12 million passengers having passed through its facilities in 2010, Genève Aéroport is host to some fifty airlines serving almost 110 destinations, of which 80 are in Europe and 30 or so on other continents. In 2010, Genève Aéroport had a turnover of CHF 320 million, yielding a profit of CHF 49 million, half of which was paid to its owner, the State of Geneva. Nearly a quarter of Genève Aéroport’s revenue is generated by its shops, services and restaurants.

The Nuance Group has more than 90 years experience in retailing to travellers. Active on four continents, and the largest commercial group operating inside airports, it is also present in other market segments, such as mail order, internet, ferries, etc. At the head of a growing number of sales outlets, the group offers a range of products in a constantly growing response to its customers needs.