October holidays: practical tips


The holidays will generate a lot of trafic. Access to Genève Aéroport and parking spaces can therefore be compromised. Some congestions may occur at the check-in desks, at the security checkpoints or at the boarder control points (Schengen exit zone).
Passengers are kindly requested to take the necessary precautions in order to arrive two hours prior to the scheduled take-off time of their flight

Genève Aéroport recommends passengers to use the public transportation system to arrive at the airport (train, shuttle, or the bus lines 5, 10, 23, 28, 57, Y). 
During the weekend of the 13-14 of October 2018, maintenance works are planned on the SBB/CFF train line between Lausanne and Genève Aéroport. Main train lines are subsituted with regional trains and the travel time between both cities is increased by approximately 15 minutes.

To find more about it, visit our website at www.gva.ch/transports.

The quick drop-off of passengers is at the departures level (surface-based upper platform). Drivers bringing passengers to the airport are invited to follow the “Kiss & Fly” signs.
Please note that if you must come by car it is possible to easily reserve a parking spot online through the ResaPark service at www.gva.ch/eservices.
Passengers leaving their vehicle in Geneva can check the occupancy level of the car parks on the homepage of our website at www.gva.ch or via the free GVApp app. This app is now compatible with the Apple Watch. 
An Official Valet Car Service is also available. 

Several airlines offer the possibility to check-in the luggage online or at the "Express Check-in” kiosks installed in the terminal, to thereafter drop them off at a dedicated counter. 
For some flights, it is possible to check in the day before the flight. For further information, please check with your airline company, or visit www.gva.ch/checkin. 

In order to avoid wasting time during the security checks, please note that hand baggage must not contain any dangerous or sharp objects. 
Liquids, sprays and other gels must be in containers of maximum 100 ml and must all be placed in a one-litre transparent plastic bag. 

Genève Aéroport offers its passengers the possibility to compensate the carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) generated by their flight. 

Enjoy your trip!