“Flybrary”, the easyJet library to encourage kids to read during the summer


easyJet is launching the "Flybrary" operation, to make its planes a place to read, to completely disconnect during the flight and feel like travel time passed in a blink of an eye. 

A total of 17,500 books will be made available free of charge on easyJet’s 300 aircraft, so that young passengers can enjoy their flying hours to (re)discover classics of children’s literature, such as The Magician of Oz or Alice in Wonderland. With this operation, easyJet reacts to the finding of the international PISA study showing that the reading level of Swiss students remains below the average, ranking 28th among the 75 countries participating to the OECD study (492 vs 493 of average score). 

EasyJet’s “Flybrary” initiative arrives in Switzerland 

After the great success of the 2017 edition in the United Kingdom, the Flybrary operation is launched this year on a European scale. Throughout the summer, 17,500 books in 7 languages, of which 2,400 in French and 1,650 in German, will be made freely available on every plane of the company throughout Europe, so that young passengers can take advantage of the flight hours to their vacation destination by discovering these classics of children’s literature. On the menu this summer: timeless children’s literature in French and German for departures from Geneva, such as The Magician of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. 

Thanks to this campaign, easyJet hopes to (re)give a taste of reading to its young passengers and, at the same time, to their parents, in order to make the plane a friendly reading place, not parasitized by screens and internet. In short: a real “disconnection bubble” conducive to literary breakouts, discovery and learning. 

To go even further this year and encourage the vocation of aspiring young writers, Operation Flybrary is accompanied by a writing contest, open to all easyJet young travellers aged six to twelve, throughout Europe and in all languages. They will have to be imaginative to write a 400-word story, which will begin with “I looked through the airplane window and saw ...”. Young author’s works will be judged by easyJet judges and British author Greg James. The winners will win free easyJet flight tickets for themselves and their families (maximum six people, including the winner) and will see the characters in their story come to life under the pencil strokes of a professional cartoonist. Their story will also be published in the Traveller Mag, a monthly magazine distributed free of charge on all easyJet aircraft.