Krakow, the jewel of Central Europe, 2 hours’ flight away


Less known than cities like Prague or Budapest, Krakow is really THE historical and cultural city to visit in Central Europe.

With its rich architecture, compact and welcoming, it can be easily visited by foot and is the ideal destination for a long weekend. Finally accessible thanks to the direct flight of easyJet, it was one of the priority markets that Genève Aéroport planned to develop. The success should be at the rendezvous.

Former Royal City and the capital of Poland until the 17th century, classified as one of the 12 most beautiful cities of the world by Unesco, European capital of Culture in 2000, Krakow competes with the most beautiful cities in Europe.

For several centuries, it has blossomed as seat of Polish monarchs, then, from the 15th or the 17th century, it rose as capital of the largest State in Europe at that time.

Mystical city of one hundred churches, with their baroque domes and Golden arrows, ancient city with its Italian-style façades, its museums, its palaces, its beautiful Renaissance yards and its original buildings, young and living city with 70,000 students, enthusiasts of celebrations and meetings, artistic city that continues the Viennese tradition of literary coffee shops, Krakow cultivates all styles with happiness.

All roads lead to the Main Square, the largest in Europe, where musicians and carriages animate the streets around the Sheet Hall, erected in the 14th century.
Perched above the Vistula, the architectural ensemble of the Wawel - the Castle and the Gothic Cathedral - is the most valuable of the country. Historical residence of the Kings of Poland since the 11th century, the castle is a jewel of the Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance art, containing rich collections.

Intellectual centre of Poland, Krakow proudly possesses one of the oldest universities in Central Europe, the Jagiellonian University, founded in 1364. Its most famous students include the astronomer Nicolas Copernicus and Pope John Paul II.

Major place of Jewish culture, the old Kazimierz district where Spielberg filmed “Schindler's List” deserves a thorough visit: its synagogues and cemeteries, of which that of Remuh - one of the most beautiful Jewish cemeteries in Europe. At night, the restaurants and coffee shops offer a unique atmosphere, restoring the Jewish pre-war atmosphere.

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