Passengers: mind your hand baggage!


Here is what you should do to help ensure smooth boarding procedures.

Before leaving for the airport:

Download the pdf flyerYou may no longer take on board more than a limited quantity of liquids, gels, toothpaste, sunscreen or other similar products: only containers with a maximum capacity of 100ml (equivalent to 100 grams) will be allowed, and they must be carried in a transparent plastic bag with a capacity of 1 litre (e.g. freezer bag) that can be closed; so only bring the absolute minimum required during the flight.

Liquid medicines are permitted, but remember to bring a photocopy of your prescription.

Baby food is also permitted, but only if you are travelling with your child and in quantities corresponding to the duration of the flight.

If you are leaving on a long trip, put everything else in your checked baggage.

At airport security:

Present your transparent bag to staff.

Put your jacket with your mobile phone, MP3 player or PDA in the tray that will be provided.

Do not leave your laptop or any electrical items larger than a laptop in your hand baggage; place it in a tray so that it can be scanned separately.

Duty free:

Don't forget that you may still purchase items in the duty free shops: they will be put into sealed bags.

By observing these basic rules, you'll have a good journey!