New security measures: a reminder for the weekend


Like every weekend, a significant number of passengers will be passing through Geneva International Airport on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 November 2006.
This is the first weekend when new security measures regarding all passenger hand luggage come into effect. All flights are concerned, and we therefore wish to remind future passengers of some useful advice:

Prior to leaving for the airport

  • Please ensure that you arrive sufficiently early at the airport i.e. between 1.5 to 2 hours prior to the actual time of departure of your flight.
  • Only a restricted quantity of liquids, gels, toothpastes, sun creams, and food products may be taken on board. You should therefore;
  • Prepare a transparent plastic bag with a volume of maximum 1 litre (app. 18 x 20 cm in size) inside which you place small bottles containing maximum 100ml of liquids. Please only take the strict minimum!
  • Please take along a photocopy of the medical prescription for any liquid medications you need to take during the flight.
  • You are allowed to take baby drinks and foods on board, providing that your baby is travelling with you.

At the security gates

  • Please present your transparent plastic bag to security staff.
  • Please place your coat, mobile phone, and any other electronic apparatus in a tray.
  • Please remove your laptop computer from your hand luggage, and place it in a tray.

Duty free items

  • You may purchase products at the duty free shops. These will be placed in sealed plastic bags.

Following these rules will make your trip more relaxed.

Thank you for your understanding.