Maintaining a domestic air network in Switzerland


The Cantons with Airports and the Swiss airports announce:

Meeting on 14 October 2003 in Berne on the initiative of Mr. Carlo Lamprecht, Member of the Council of State and Chairman of the Board of Geneva International Airport, members and representatives of the Governments of the eight cantons with airports - Basle-City, Basle-Country, Berne, Geneva, Saint Gallen, Ticino, Valais and Zurich - and the managements of Basle-Mulhouse, Berne, Geneva, Altenrhein, Lugano, Sion and Zurich airports noted with satisfaction that there would soon be a decision by the Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications to grant a route concession to the new airline Baboo Airways, based in Geneva, to fly provisionally, from 26 October 2003, using the German airline Cirrus, the Geneva - Lugano route and vice versa three times a day.

Other projects, like that of Darwin Airline, a Ticino airline, or Helvetic Wings, a Western Swiss airline in the process of formation, should equally result in the operation, in the near future, of routes within Switzerland.

The priority aim of the representatives of the Cantons with Airports and the Swiss airports has thus been achieved.

The representatives also stated that they were worried by the consequences of the decision by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation concerning the new operational limits on Lugano Airport that threatened the regularity and financial viability of air connections.

They decided to support the request by Swiss to reconsider the decision, failing which the Zurich - Lugano route and vice versa would also abandoned, and they noted the intention of the Canton of Ticino and the City of Lugano to appeal against the decision.

There would be more general consideration of the appropriateness of a domestic air network and of the framework conditions to be created for that purpose.