Important new information for all passengers travelling to the United States


Since 27 September 2006, the US authorities have been applying new security measures for all passengers travelling to or in transit through the United States.

Travellers are allowed to carry in their hand luggage containers with liquids, gels or aerosols in them. This includes: drinks, shampoo, suntan lotion, creams, toothpaste, perfume, or other products of similar consistency, but only on the following conditions:

  1. Each container must have a capacity of no more than 90 ml.
  2. It must be possible to put all containers into the transparent plastic bags provided for the purpose, and it must be possible to close the bags.
  • Any container that cannot be put into a plastic bag must be put into hold baggage, or it will be removed and destroyed.
  • Any container larger than 90 ml must be put into hold baggage, or it will be removed and destroyed.

Duty Free products may be purchased but will be delivered only at the time of boarding.

  • Saline solutions and products for contact lenses, provided the total is no more than 90 ml per container.
  • Liquids or gels for diabetics who prove they require them for medical reasons.
  • Medicines with doctor's prescriptions in the name of the person travelling.
  • Small quantities of milk and food for babies who are travelling.

For more information, please contact your travel agency or your airline.

Passengers travelling to the USA on a direct flight from Geneva are requested to make their way quickly to the departure lounge for an additional security check.

Thank you for your understanding.