Stricter smoking ban at GVA


Affiche Aéroport sans fumée - No smoking AirportIn December 1997, Geneva International Airport introduced a no-smoking policy in its buildings, although a few smoking areas were kept. From January 2007, in order to safeguard the health of its customers and of airport staff, Geneva International Airport is applying a strict general smoking ban in all its buildings.

Specifically, smoking is henceforth prohibited in the public area of the Airport ("land side"), with no exceptions. Anyone wishing to smoke is requested to leave the building. Arrangements are under way to provide some facilities for smokers.

In the transit area ("air side"), a few smoking areas will be retained for the time being, since it is not possible for smokers to leave the building. Eventually, with the future reorganisation of the transit area as a consequence of the new master plan for the Airport and the application of the Schengen Agreement, a brand-new smoking room is due to replace the existing areas.

All bars, restaurants and shops on the airport will similarly become non-smoking. The smoking ban also applies in the Airport station, in line with relevant Swiss Railways policy.

The introduction of this policy is the subject of new signage for the purpose, and also of a communications plan, which will be introduced in the coming days.