Geneva-Copenhagen six time a week with Maersk Air


Since 1 November 2004, the Danish airline Maersk Air has been flying between Geneva and Copenhagen six times a week.
Maersk Air's three-class idea is the only one of its kind in the world, with tariffs that vary depending on seat pitch.

The lowest tariff on Maersk Air flights is based on the Small Ticket. Seat pitch for this class is 29 inches (=71 cm), which is equivalent to the seat definition of most of the low-cost airlines. A Small Ticket is available for CHF 66.- for one-way Geneva-Copenhagen or Copenhagen-Geneva flights.

With a Medium Ticket, passengers will be able to enjoy a pitch that corresponds to the business class of other airlines - 32 inches (=81 cm). The Medium Ticket tariff costs an additional CHF 42.- per leg.

Maersk Air provides all Small and Medium class passengers with free tea and coffee. Other snacks and drinks will be sold from the trolley. A light meal can be ordered up to 30 hours before the flight on the website.

A Large Ticket corresponds to a seat with a pitch of 35 inches (= 89 cm) with a Business Class service consisting of free drinks, a meal and newspapers. The additional charge for a Large ticket is CHF 252.- per leg. Advance reservation of a Large Ticket offers the possibility of being given a free X-Large seat in the first row of the Large Class. Passengers thus have even more legroom, equal to the First Class offered by some airlines on flights within Europe.

Flexible conditions

Maersk Air offers its customers considerable flexibility when it comes to changing reservations or cancellations: holders of a Large Ticket can change their ticket up to three hours before the flight, cancel it, or put it in someone else's name, free of charge. These conditions are also valid for holders of Small or Medium tickets for an extra CHF 55.- per change. Passengers wanting to upgrade to a more comfortable class can do so on board, subject to an additional charge, by asking one of the cabin crew.
Maersk Air will be operating a midday flight from Geneva from Monday to Saturday.
Flights will be operated on a code sharing basis with SWISS.