Baboo launches five new destinations


A varied and attractive winter programme

Baboo, the Geneva airline, announces five new destinations for its winter schedule: nonstop flights from Geneva to Toulouse (6 times per week), Bordeaux (5 times), Athens (5 times), Bucharest (3 times) and Zagreb (twice). Baboo will also offer a Nice-Athens service, either nonstop or with a short stop in Geneva depending on the day of flight. "Our competitors are reacting to the crises. We are seizing market opportunities created when routes are cancelled," said Baboo CEO Jacques Bankir.

In addition, the Geneva-Vienna route will be enhanced with a "prime time" morning and evening service (allowing same-day return flights both ways), as is already the case with Nice and Rome.

According to destination, the new services will become operational between 6 and 26 October 2008. All of these flights are currently on sale.

Saint Petersburg and Kiev destinations suspended

Baboo has still not received authorization from the Russian authorities for the Geneva-Saint Petersburg route. With regard to the launch of the Kiev destination, the results were disappointing.

"The problems associated with the Saint Petersburg and Kiev launches have had a serious impact on our operations. Significant investments are required both to enter these markets and to overcome administrative barriers, as shown by numerous other case examples concerning these countries. We have decided therefore to suspend these destinations in spite of their long-term potential," explained Jacques Bankir.