How to travel abroad?

Information about my flight

At least 48 hours before my departure, I should check the conditions established by my airline:

If I want to know if my flight is operated the day before or on the same day, I consult the Daily departures page.

Pre-departure checklist

Flights from the Swiss / international sector

Information about my destination

Are the borders open or closed? Is a test necessary? Is quarantine required? At least 48 hours before my departure, I look for entry requirements at my destination.

Travel advice for other countries of the world:

The website also provides information on the current travel conditions and requirements for the airports of departure and arrival.

Flights from the French sector

Information about my destination

From a health point of view, the French sector is considered as Swiss territory. The airline will check when you board the plane that you meet the current travel requirements from Switzerland to France:

Currently (valid until 22.11.2021), all passengers over 11 years of age must, in order to enter France from Switzerland, bring with them either proof of a complete vaccination or the negative result of a PCR test or an antigen test carried out less than 24 hours before departure.

AttentionFrench sector currently CLOSED for works

The French sector is currently closed due to works. Passengers travelling to France (including transit passengers) will have to check in their luggage and go through security in the Swiss part of the airport.