Arrival in Switzerland / International sector / transit

Conditions of entry into Switzerland

All sanitary measures (vaccination certificate, entry form, etc.) to enter Switzerland are cancelled.

Since 2 May 2022, entry into Switzerland is possible under the usual conditions. The existing entry restrictions have been lifted.

Arrival in France

Entry conditions

I make sure that I meet the conditions to enter France in order to be able to reach France.

Car hire in the French sector

It is possible to rent a car at the airport in the French sector, even when it is closed for works.
Only passengers with a valid ticket for the current day (+/-1 day) are allowed to transit from the international to the French sectors, and vice versa. Otherwise, to access the car rentals in the French sector, you must use the road (car, taxi, etc.), passing through the Ferney-Voltaire customs. Pedestrians and bicycles are not allowed to use the customs road.