Iberia celebrates 70 years of the line between Switzerland and Spain


The Spanish airline opened its flights to Geneva, its fifth international destination, on 9 June 1947.

Today, it has 112 flights per week between Geneva, Zurich, Basel and Madrid. Starting this winter, Iberia will increase its offer with Geneva and Basel. 

Tomorrow, Iberia will blow the 70th candle of its first flight to Switzerland. On 9 June 1947, following a test flight carried out a few days before, the Spanish airline started its commercial operations on the Madrid - Barcelona - Geneva line with a DC-3, a plane that could accommodate between 21 and 28 passengers. The city at the edge of the Lake of Geneva became the fifth international destination of Iberia, after Lisbon, London, Rome and Buenos Aires. 

70 years later, the airline is not only present in Geneva, connected to Madrid by 24 round-trip weekly flights, but also to Zurich, where it has three daily flights and to Basel, connected to the company’s network six times a week since 26 March. 

At the end of October, which will mark the beginning of the winter season, Iberia will further strengthen its presence in the Swiss land. It will propose 27 flights per week between Geneva and Madrid while increasing the frequency of the line connecting the Spanish capital to Basel, until the achievement of one flight per day. From the end of October 2017 until the end of March 2018, it will propose near 360,000 seats on three operational lines in Switzerland, i.e. 21.2% more than on the 2016/ winter season.

In connection with the flights to Madrid, Iberia clients coming from Switzerland can continue their journey to 29 other Spanish destinations, Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Madeira in Portugal, eight cities in Africa, 18 destinations in Latin America and five more in the United States. Among the routes that generate the most traffic based on Iberia flights in Switzerland, we mention Gran Canaria, Santiago de Compostela and Asturias for Spain; San José, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Lima in Latin America, or Miami in the United States. In 2016, Iberia transported with 13.44% more passengers compared to the previous year on its flights between Switzerland and Spain.